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Feeling the heat..? Ice, ice, baby..!

by Ele 28. July 2011 16:16





Do you enjoy the amazing pleasures of oral sex..?



Of course you do!  Who doesn't..?  As amazing as oral sex can be though, you could always find ways to make it even better.  Here are a few tips to mix it up a bit and keep things hot.. or cold! 

Play with bubbles
Champagne bubbles can help give oral pleasure a bit of extra fizz! Take a mouthful of the bubbly and get ready to please!

Minty Fresh
Add some extra tingle with some mints.  Place a mint in the side of your mouth.  It will enhance the sensations and add an extra zing! 

Ice Ice Baby
Feeling the summer heat?  Ice cubes are excellent for creating new sensations. Have one in your mouth when you kiss your partner all over. Your mouth will also be nice and cold when it comes to oral sex, giving a whole new feeling of pleasure!


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Cute Valentines day - Gift ideas for your girlfriend

by Ele 9. February 2011 07:00


Attention gentlemen!  Valentine’s Day is only days away, as may be your anniversary, special lady’s birthday, or other special occasion that requires a romantic gift idea for your girlfriend.  I know, Christmas was just less than a couple of months ago, and you may not have fully recovered from agonizing over that. However, you do still want to have what your girlfriend would consider a cute Valentines day.  Trust me.  That is why I am here to help!


To plan a romantic gift for your girlfriend you need to factor in the length of time you’ve been together.  If it is a new relationship, a small gift under $50 is probably sufficient.  However, if you’ve been with your girlfriend for a year or more, a present in the form of a romantic gesture may be exactly what she would enjoy the most (and by romantic gesture, I do not mean two tickets to see your favorite sports team play).  Remember, cute Valentines day..


For a relationship that is fairly new or casual, give a casually romantic gift such as:


  • Ÿ  A gift certificate to her favorite salon for a massage, hair cut, manicure, and/or pedicure.
  • Ÿ  The book, CD, or movie she has been talking about.
  • Ÿ  Dinner at a romantic hot spot in town, or cook a special dinner.
  • Ÿ  A dance lesson for the two of you.  Fun, get’s your blood pumping, and you look like you’ve really put thought into it.


What about for someone you have been with for quite some time or have become very serious with in a short amount of time?


  • Ÿ  If she has asked specifically for something or has dropped some heavy hints, do not ignore.  Never ignore. 
  • Ÿ  How about a techie gift?  Kindle, iPad, new phone, or accessories for these. 
  • Ÿ  A scrapbook of your good times together.  This could be in the form of a slideshow or movie also.  Make sure to include a special message.
  • Ÿ  Jewelry.  Remember women's best friend!  Especially the ones that last forever.
  • Ÿ  A hand-written love letter.  This is your time to shine! 
  • Ÿ  And how about something you both can enjoy?  Well, the best gift of all, assuming of course your relationship is ready for it, would be to spice it up with a funtoyclub membership!


ok, ONLY if she does absolutely LOVE your favorite sports team are you permitted to get the tickets.  Good luck and enjoy your cute Valentines day!


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Beer of the month club?

by mauro 6. December 2010 13:48

beer of the month club

Considering the gift of a beer of the month club membership?  Hmm, think again.  The results just came in.  
Here are ten reasons why a sex toy of the month club membership would make a better gift.

Top 10 reasons why sex toys are better than beer

10. There is no hangover with sex toys

 9. You will never have a heated argument or fight while under the influence of sex toys

 8. Sex toys won’t make you crash a car.  Well, unless… you had sex while driving.  Hmm, don’t use sex toys while driving.

 7. Liver transplant is optional with the use of sex toys

 6. Have you ever thrown up after having sex too many times…?  Exactly!  Me neither.

 5. If anything, it will be much cooler to go to rehabilitation for sexaholism

 4. Sex toys can be used over and over again.  An empty beer can is sad.  Cuddling with it after you are done… well, it’s just empty.

 3. Drinking a beer five times a day will just make you fat.  A sex toy burns calories.  It does a body good.

 2. Sex toys can be used any time.  Morning sex is good for you.  Drinking a beer before breakfast, not so good.

 1. There are no fun electric devices on the market to enhance your beer drinking experience.

Any other reasons a sex toy of the month club membership is a better idea than joining a beer of the month club?


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Durex XXL Anyone?

by mauro 13. November 2010 12:26

Is your penis so big that all you have is long distance relationships? If so, Durex has something new for you. The condom manufacturer has just unleashed what it claims to be the largest condom on the market, The Durex XXL. As if a giant, mythical dong won’t get your attention, the company has come up with some funny ads.




How to tickle

by mauro 11. November 2010 11:17

It just does not seem like people are tickling nearly enough these days.

Did you forget how to do it? Not enough practice?

Lucky for you we are breaking it down into three simple steps...

Step 1: First, you want to find out if the person is ticklish. If you ask they WILL lie. Asking, however, will give you an excuse to test whether they are telling the truth.

Step 2: Tickle away!

Step 3: This is the most important step. To make sure you are enjoying it as much as them, stop ONLY when YOU think the person has laughed enough.

There you go. Remember these simple steps and go tickle someone!




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