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Feeling the heat..? Ice, ice, baby..!

by Ele 28. July 2011 16:16





Do you enjoy the amazing pleasures of oral sex..?



Of course you do!  Who doesn't..?  As amazing as oral sex can be though, you could always find ways to make it even better.  Here are a few tips to mix it up a bit and keep things hot.. or cold! 

Play with bubbles
Champagne bubbles can help give oral pleasure a bit of extra fizz! Take a mouthful of the bubbly and get ready to please!

Minty Fresh
Add some extra tingle with some mints.  Place a mint in the side of your mouth.  It will enhance the sensations and add an extra zing! 

Ice Ice Baby
Feeling the summer heat?  Ice cubes are excellent for creating new sensations. Have one in your mouth when you kiss your partner all over. Your mouth will also be nice and cold when it comes to oral sex, giving a whole new feeling of pleasure!


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