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Beer of the month club?

by mauro 6. December 2010 13:48

beer of the month club

Considering the gift of a beer of the month club membership?  Hmm, think again.  The results just came in.  
Here are ten reasons why a sex toy of the month club membership would make a better gift.

Top 10 reasons why sex toys are better than beer

10. There is no hangover with sex toys

 9. You will never have a heated argument or fight while under the influence of sex toys

 8. Sex toys won’t make you crash a car.  Well, unless… you had sex while driving.  Hmm, don’t use sex toys while driving.

 7. Liver transplant is optional with the use of sex toys

 6. Have you ever thrown up after having sex too many times…?  Exactly!  Me neither.

 5. If anything, it will be much cooler to go to rehabilitation for sexaholism

 4. Sex toys can be used over and over again.  An empty beer can is sad.  Cuddling with it after you are done… well, it’s just empty.

 3. Drinking a beer five times a day will just make you fat.  A sex toy burns calories.  It does a body good.

 2. Sex toys can be used any time.  Morning sex is good for you.  Drinking a beer before breakfast, not so good.

 1. There are no fun electric devices on the market to enhance your beer drinking experience.

Any other reasons a sex toy of the month club membership is a better idea than joining a beer of the month club?


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