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Taboo Taboo With Sex Toys

by Ele 13. November 2010 10:52

With the "sex and the city" movement came a steady breakdown of sexual barriers in the media. Is the notion of sex toys officially "out of the closet"?

It seems that the subject of sex toys is definitely gaining acceptance in our society.  People are becoming more comfortable talking about sex toys and more open to trying them.  More women than ever before are openly admitting to owning a dildo or vibrator.  Sex toy retail sales are also at an all time high.  “We’ve seen this category grow pretty significantly over the last couple of years”, Amazon spokeswoman Charmaine Diploa says.    

There is obvious evidence that a movement is taking place.  However, the subject of sex toys still seems to come with a sense of taboo for many. Is this because sex is surrounded by a feeling of shame since we first learn about it in our youth? Sex toys are just one example of this sense of taboo. We find a lack of communication, and even embarrassment, in subjects ranging from sex toys to politics, morality, and personal faith. Is it because of the personal nature that it is tied to?  Perhaps it is just a manifestation of the innate need to keep our most intimate details to ourselves. After all, the nature of sex is as intimate as is gets. The need for privacy and discretion is understood, but why the sense of taboo?    

So the basic question remains: why do we feel embarrassed over something we accept, practice, and understand?

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Sex Toys

How to tickle

by mauro 11. November 2010 11:17

It just does not seem like people are tickling nearly enough these days.

Did you forget how to do it? Not enough practice?

Lucky for you we are breaking it down into three simple steps...

Step 1: First, you want to find out if the person is ticklish. If you ask they WILL lie. Asking, however, will give you an excuse to test whether they are telling the truth.

Step 2: Tickle away!

Step 3: This is the most important step. To make sure you are enjoying it as much as them, stop ONLY when YOU think the person has laughed enough.

There you go. Remember these simple steps and go tickle someone!




Got First Love Syndrome?

by Manda Jane 10. November 2010 04:58

first love


Love, a word that gets thrown around every day. We are a society obsessed with it. It is everywhere we look, inescapable. It is the inspiration for music, art, film, and so much more. But what happens when you find “the one” and the spark eventually dies? Well, most people have no choice but to move on. However, for some it is something they can never let go.


First love syndrome is the theory that a person (men in particular) can never feel the same intensity of emotions as he or she did for the first love.  Sadly, some will spend their entire lives trying to recreate that intense feeling. 


The first time is always the best. Remember your first kiss? The first time you rode a rollercoaster? The first time you had sex? Most importantly the first time you fell in love? The feeling of the first love is better than any other “firsts”.  No drug can ever match the butterflies, the lust, and the infatuation you felt.


You can never relive your first time. The spark of a new relationship will always grow fainter. Some men never stop searching though. The thought is that as soon as the excitement of a new relationship is over it isn’t worth it anymore. They are constantly trying to find a match for that first girl who made them go weak at the knees. They can never find it though.  So they keep searching and find it very difficult to stay faithful. They do not understand the concept of true love.


It must really be a horrible obsession, searching for something you will never find.


So do you believe in first love syndrome?




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